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About Dan R. Howard


Dan is a composer of Film and TV scores and Orchestral Music.  He also has experience as a songwriter, playing in many different bands since high school. He loves to combine orchestral elements with his unique brand of sound design to create new tangible atmospheres for the projects he works on. Dan enjoys collaborating and deeply appreciates the growth that the music goes through during the enigmatic process of scoring to media. 


While composing music for numerous projects with up and coming filmmakers, he is also working hard as a freelance composer assistant.


Dan worked for film composer Edward Shearmur for over a year, gaining tons of valuable skills and knowledge before transitioning to freelance assisting. Currently he is assisting composers Craig Deleon, Jasha Klebe, and Carlos José Alvarez. While freelance assisting Dan has had the pleasure of composing additional music for a tv show as well as doing some orchestrating/copyist work. 

Dan studied music/composition at Umass Dartmouth for 3 years before transferring to Berklee College of Music to study Film and Video Game composing. After completing school in Summer 2019 he immediately came to LA and got to work. 

Dan now lives and works in Santa Monica, CA! 

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